Thursday, March 11, 2010

Level 2 Trial March 13-14

So Saturday morning early we will be taking off for Redwood City for Candy's Level 2 APDT Rally trial. We have been practicing for this by attending GeriLu Jurey's
"Proofing in the Park" class for the past five weeks, as well as attempting to learn a few exercises including a moving down and a retrieve. The retrieve is a bonus exercise in Level 3, but could show up in the Veteran's class. Here's a little teaser on our retrieve progress:


Here's the schedule:

Saturday, 8:30 AM, Level 1B
followed by Veterans

Noon: Level 1B
followed by Level 2

Sunday 8:30 AM
Level 1B
Level 2

Noon: Level 1B
Level 2

Candy cannot get a Level 2 title as it requires 3 legs under 2 judges and there will be only one Level 2 judge. But he needs four Level 1 legs for his Level 1 championship (which he could get) and two Veteran's legs for his Veteran's title (which he could get.) So keep your fingers and paws crossed for us!

Now for the real challenge of the weekend: I have to bring along Merlin and Jack. Merlin because he is also in a cart and has DM and only wants me to help, and Jack because he can't be left at home uncrated and because he has epilepsy. They will be crated in the car during the trial (if it is sunny the car will be covered and kept cool with windows open and reflective tarps.) Jack is likely to get pretty bored in the car. Merlin loves the car but could decide not to sleep at the motel. Janine, poor dear, is being left at home with my neighbor to dogsit; she doesn't like the car or Candy very much.

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