Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Rewards APDT trial, Day 1

I am checked into the motel and ready for a good night's sleep!

We left home about 4:45 AM to arrive at the trial site at 7:30 am. Candy's first class was Level 1B. He got a perfect 210 and won the class!

Then we did Veteran's. He got a 201? and second place. He was a bit wild as the second station was serpentine and he wanted to run it like weave poles!

In the afternoon we had another Level 1B class, and he got a 204(?) and 5th place. We repeated a down twice for two 3 pt deductions when he wouldn't stay down.

Finally we did our very first ever Level 2 class and he was in a 3-way runoff for first place but got 2nd place as he also got very excited and wanted to run during the runoff! He lost points sniffing one food bowl but left it when I told him, and I took a redo on the pivot right as I had not left him room to turn.

So it was a great day- a first, two seconds, and a fifth place, four scores of 200 plus, and four new legs! I had thought his Level 1A legs counted for his Level championship but I just looked it up and they don't, so he can't finish that tomorrow, but he can finish his Veteran's title if he gets one more leg.

He can't finish Level 2 even with two more Q's as it will be the same judge and he will need a Q under a second judge.

There is video of his Level 2 run but it will be coming in awhile.

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