Sunday, May 8, 2011

End of Candy's Career?

We had to scratch a trial in March due to Candy having a limp. I waited a couple of days too late to send in the May trial entry. The good news is, the trial filled in a week. The bad news is, Candy can't go to the one in June as we are gone then, same for October, and by next March not only will he be 15 months out of practice but almost 12.

It's bittersweet- I'm glad APDT is getting popular here. But I'm sad that we didn't get to go to either trial, and sad that Candy is denied the opportunity to compete in AKC, which IS available in Washington and closer to home here in California. APDT may reach Washington but it will be too late for Candy when it does.

It made me very sad not to get in to this trial- not only because I was surprised but because I think Candy should have gotten in since he is not eligible in any other available venue in the state. In fact, he ought to get his chance to enter before anyone else does!

Anyway, we thought about going to Canada and trying CARO but he'd have to start at Novice again and we'd be in the same position of only getting to go to one or two trials a year. So I decided to skip that. If I end up with another disabled corgi we might go that route but its too late for Candy to start all over.