Monday, May 10, 2010

More APDT Rally and new titles

We left Friday morning to drive to Goleta for our fourth APDT Rally trial. It's down near Santa Barbara and a nice drive with glimpses of the ocean and green fields and hills and vineyards on the way down.

Friday: Well, no video today, I was too hot- it was at least 75 and very uncomfortably muggy with little breeze. Candy had a heck of time in the soft grass (spongy ground, though the grass wasn't terribly long it was thick.) But we finished Level 2 with a first place and a 203, got a 4th place and 205 in Level 1B, and a Q in Veteran's B with first place and a 208 (but the only dog in the B class- all the A's outscored him!) I'm happy although now I'm exhausted from lugging stuff- couldn't safely leave more than the frame of the canopy there. Candy and Merlin are napping in the car right now and Jack is in the motel with me.

Tomorrow I'll try to get video when I'm fresher and hopefully Candy is more attentive! He debuts in Level 3 but that might not be until afternoon sometime.

Saturday: Today: Q's and 5th places (202 and 207) in Level 1 and 2 and our First Double Q, but NQ in Level 3 as Candy did not want to do the directed jump (send off to the right to jump.) We should have practiced it more recently as it is his worst thing without practice but I didn't see the practice jump until too late. Otherwise he did great in Level 3.

We finished by 4 today so are vegging in the room for the moment but I'd like to see if we can go to the beach around 6- I need to check the tides. I'm sure we couldn't find parking there now as it is a warm day.

Tomorrow is levels 1-3 again, then off home.

We're home! Candy went 3/3 today. Level 1: finished his Level 1 Championship (RL1X). Level 2 made his second Double Q (3 to go for his ARCH.) And finally his first Level 3 leg. Video of the RL1X leg is coming soon.

And it was cooler today! Merlin was able to stay in the car most of the day so he was happier. I had one corner of the canopy tied to Jack's crate and at one point his crate was almost being lifted by the wind. I didn't enjoy driving back up 101 in the wind and was glad I didn't have the trailer.

Here's the Level 3 attempt one (NQ- the video is also not as good.)

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